Can I Choose What My Escort Wears?

Dress code for escorts has a stereotyped image that many people would agree with. For example, short mini skirt revealing long legs. Stockings, either hold ups or with a suspender belt and with killer sexy heels on her feet. A blouse undone impossibly low to reveal her ample breasts and a sexy matching bra and thong or perhaps a full black and red basque. Draped in a faux fur little coat, handbag slung by her side and hair and makeup perhaps a little overdone, welcome to your escort.

However the reality in the 21st Century couldn't be further from this image. Escorts come in all different flavours now. Tall leggy Russian escorts, English rose curvy escorts with pretty much everything in between. So why shouldn’t the clothing and attire match these changing looks? Many guys will like the stockings and suspenders option simply because they would not normally see this with their existing partner.

Indeed the reality is that they may not even want to see this with their current girlfriend or wife, so meeting with a perfect young sexy escort bedecked in her finest sexy underwear will hold massive appeal. But also consider a young 18 year old escort. Short blonde hair, elfin appearance and medium busted. Just how would she look if she arrived in tight fitting jeans showing off her perky young bum, tight t shirt revealing the perfect shape of her young perky breasts and a pair of teen trainers. Underneath perhaps simple white underwear. Almost taboo but holding incredible appeal to lots of guys simply because the escort will look so natural and youthful.

Escorts and Costumes

Then there is the fantasy that many guys have of booking escorts in uniforms and costumes. Typically at the top of the list are little sexy nurses outfits or maybe the police woman with high black boots, little sexy police cap and handcuffs hanging from her belt. Many opportunities for naughty role playing here for sure.

Think also about the BDSM fantasy which is highly popular. Long leather shiny high heeled boots, perhaps a PVC basque, face mask maybe, stockings or fishnet tights of course and the whip adorning her side ready to administer some light punishment if required. But there are guys also who have very specific fantasies of mild fetishes that require the escort to wear carefully thought out clothes.

We mentioned the teen look in jeans and t-shirt and of course there is also the schoolgirl look with a short skirt revealing big white panties along with white knee socks and the little school uniform shirt unbuttoned low revealing her bra and breasts. But there are guys that have other requests also and these need to be discussed in advance and planned for to avoid any disappointment.

Some escorts talk about having requests to arrive dressed as a ballerina, little tutu, tights and ballet shoes and a leotard with no bra that shows off their perfect your breasts to perfection. There is also a military look where the escort arrives in combats and boots, camouflage shirt and military cap. Perhaps a little bit of a domination thing going on also here. How about something a little more traditional such as a classy cocktail dress with stockings, sexy high heels and classy jacket.

And we have many requests from guys who want their escort to arrive wearing no underwear whatsoever. This is often popular when the escort meets the guy at a bar or at a restaurant. It can be highly exciting for the guy to know that the lady that he has just met and is sharing a drink with has her breasts hanging loose and no panties covering her most intimate parts.

A little planning is all that is required and as long as the escort knows in advance she will accommodate any specific clothing requirements to the very best of her ability. Some requests may be just too bizarre or her wardrobe may not accommodate what you are looking for – maybe a shopping trip with your escort is required to ensure that you are getting what you want? Plan in advance and you won't be disappointed.